A Simple Scoring Solution

It all started with a passion for tennis.

Match Pointer Simple Scoring Solution

Heinz Victor, a mechanical engineer by profession and passionate tennis player, thought his tennis club needed a simple scoring solution for club tournaments. Since he could not find a low-cost, reliable scoreboard anywhere, he set about developing one himself. That was some 25 years ago; the rest is history.

Today Victor Industrie Services GmbH produces a wide range of scoreboards and other court accessories such as the popular MatchLiner, a tennis court line brush for clay-surfaced courts.

Victor Industrie Services is based in North Germany and puts particular emphasis on sourcing parts and materials locally. The scoreboards are printed, die-cut and assembled in the company’s local factory.

This in-house manufacturing process guarantees a fast production process, consistent quality and small overheads, resulting in a unique low-cost scoreboard solution.

The Rigit PVC (also known as uPVC) used for all scoreboards is a high-quality plastic material. It’s light weight, cost-effectiveness and versatility makes it perfect for this purpose. It stands up well against weather and being UV-proof, the colour does not fade. It is also rot proof, so the scoreboard can be left outdoors for as long as required. The nickel plated brass finish of rivets and eyelets ensures that fixtures won’t rust and make the construction durable and long-lasting.

All scoreboards are screen printed and assembled manually before being packed for international shipping destinations.

Teamgeist Ltd is the UK distribution partner for Victor Industrie Services. We are based in Henley-on-Thames and supply a number of wholesale accounts as well as consumers ordering online through our e-commerce store Tennis Court Supplies .