Home and Away – New Look Match Pointer

We are working continuously to upgrade and improve all our products. The Match Pointer is no exception, even though it has been around for many years.

Feedback from our UK customers indicated that HOME and AWAY is preferred to VISITOR and HOME headings.

We chose a bold, clean font for the new header to freshen the look. We hope you like it.

Match Pointer premium version coming soon

Match Pointer Home and Away

Talking about upgrades, we are working on a completely new version, the Premium Match Pointer. This new version eliminates the need for silicon spray to lubricate the score discs.

The current Match Pointer needs very little maintenance but if it exposed to long periods of heavy rain, it may need a quick spray of a household silicon lubricant to help the discs turn smoothly.

With the upcoming Premium version, silicon spray maintenance will not be necessary anymore. A change to the construction of the score discs will make them run smoothly, no matter what the weather brings.

The Premium version will be available in the UK from Spring 2020.

You can buy our Match Pointer from selected UK retailers or directly from our online shop here.

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