Match Liner Tennis Court Line Sweeper

match liner tennis court line sweeperTennis lovers! To celebrate Match Liner tennis court line sweeper now coming in two widths, we have a brand new video introducing you to this fantastic product!
But before you watch the video, we’re happy to answer some FAQs about what Match Liner is and how it works…

What is Match Liner?

Match Liner is a high-quality clay court line sweeper, made in Germany. Now available in both 4cm and 5cm widths, Match Liner offers a precision sweep that is faster and easier than sweeping with a traditional brush.

Why Match Liner over a traditional brush?

We’re glad you asked! Match Liner features a circular brush aligned with two wheels, allowing for a smooth and easy brush motion. Choose between a standard 4 brush width and a 5cm brush for courts with wider lines.

Unlike traditional brushes, this tennis court line sweeper maintains firm contact with the court, regardless of the angle of the handle, making for a easy sweeping motion. Check out our video here to see how simple it really is!

Will the Match Liner brush wear down?

Match Liner is a long-lasting product with low maintenance costs. The brush can easily be replaced should it eventually wear down. And it’s available in two brush types: soft bristle for real clay and strong bristle for synthetic clay.

Is delivery expensive?

Nope! We’ve supplied our tennis court line sweeper without the bulky handle to keep delivery costs low. Easily fit a standard broom handle into the devices clasp and your Match Liner is ready to use!

Sounds great! Where can I order?

Visit our online shop to place your order

And don’t forget to check out our video for a glimpse of the Match Liner in action.

Special Offer: We are now extending our popular pack-of-3 offer to cover the Match Liner too! For a limited time only, we offer 10% discount when you order 3 line sweepers! In addition, we offer FREE shipping on all UK orders over £600.

Match Liner is distributed worldwide by Teamgeist Ltd, London. +44 (0) 2033725791