Match Liner Tennis Line Sweeper

Another clever tennis product.

The Match Liner tennis court line sweeper makes line cleaning easy.

Tennis Line SweeperThis unique line sweeper is designed for use on real and artificial clay court surfaces. It is very competitively priced, low-maintenance and lightweight, making line sweeping easy and a lot of fun!

Match Liner tennis line sweeper is supplied without a handle to allow for fast, low-cost shipping. It is designed to allow any standard broom handle to fit its metal fitting.

The Match Liner is easy to guide along the court lines due to two large wheels positioned left and right of the brush. Synthetic brush bristles are durable and long lasting, however, an easy to fit replacement brush kit is available from us should the bristles wear down (sometimes the case after 2-3 years of extensive use).

With Match Liner, line cleaning is quick and efficient, even fun; the kids may actually fight over the job!

Developed over 20 years ago the Match Liner line sweeper has been tried and tested on courts throughout Europe. With its clever wheel design, it is now the best-selling rotary tennis court line cleaner in Europe. Its lightweight yet very sturdy construction is much easier to handle and allows for low-cost maintenance when compared with competing metal line sweeper models.

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Special Offer: We are now extending our popular pack-of-3 offer to cover the Match Liner too! For a limited time only, we offer 10% discount when you order 3 line sweepers! In addition, we offer FREE shipping on all UK orders over £600.

With the rise in popularity of synthetic clay court surfaces we have developed a line sweeper specifically for these type of surfaces. The bristles are stronger and stiffer in this brush to guarantee efficient cleaning results and prolonged product life. Both versions are available from our online shop. The synthetic clay sweeper has black bristles to distinguish it from the softer, white bristled natural clay sweeper.