£20 Discount for Your Match Pointer Review

Match Pointer ReviewOur Match Pointer tennis scoreboard was first introduced to the market over 20 years ago. A lot has happened since that very first production run!

The materials and components are constantly being developed further and their quality improved. As a result today’s model is much stronger and more durable than the Match Pointer scoreboards of those early days. We listened to the feedback from our customers and continue to this day to improve and innovate this already excellent product.

As a result, we have a very high level of customer satisfaction. We rarely receive returns- most occur when a customer would like to exchange their newly-purchased scoreboard for a larger size for even greater impact.

Our customers continually provide stellar reviews:

‘The Match Pointer tennis score board has proved and excellent new addition to our courts, the three sets scoring method and the ability to go up to 9 has been great for both those on court and the enjoyment of those watching. An excellent product and a reliable and swift purchasing and delivery service; thanks Match Pointer’

Nic Leitch, Civil Service Tennis Club, Belfast

‘We have been using the Match Pointer scoreboards for many years on all of our six courts. Every other year we may purchase a couple of new ones to replace the older ones but overall the durability is astonishing. A great product that we couldn’t do without, especially at our club tournaments’

Matthias Trevis, Lawn Tennis Club, Halverde

We first came across Match Pointer when we were playing other clubs. They raved about the scoreboards and since then we purchased two and have been very happy with them. They are well made and essential for our club.

Nigel Glenister

Last year I purchased 3 Match pointer Tennis Scoreboards for the Bolton Tennis Tournament. They are very easy to use and make it easy for spectators to follow the score. They where a huge success and as a result I have just placed an order for another 3 Score Boards for St Anne’s Lawn Tennis & Squash Club. A first class product at a reasonable price.

Terry McEwing, St Anne’s Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Lancashire

We are running more and more tournaments at our club and the match pointer scoreboards continue to be a 1st class tool for players and spectators alike. Our juniors love nothing better than updating the scores on these and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Ian Mainey, Selkirk LTC

We have used the Match Pointer tennis scoreboards on all our 19 courts 12 months in the year. Hung on the wire netting, and with occasional silicon lubrication they work well whatever the weather.

Frank Cammack, Boston Tennis Club, Lincs

If you have been using our Match Pointer tennis scoreboards in your club, we’d like to know what you think.

In exchange for your candid testimonial, we will offer you a £20 discount on your next Match Pointer purchase. Please email us your short Match Pointer review together with your name and the name of your club. In return, we will email you a discount code for use in our online store.