Tennis Line Sweeper for Synthetic Clay Courts

BREAKING NEWS: Our popular Match Liner tennis line sweeper is now available specifically for synthetic clay courts.

tennis line sweeperNatural surfaces, such as natural grass and clay, make for a better tennis match, however, the high cost of maintaining these surfaces has historically meant that the UK has had very few such courts. This is unfortunate, since Astroturf and other traditional hard courts have been shown to increase impact to joints, resulting in an increased risk of injury.

Fortunately, modern synthetic clay surfaces are becoming more popular here in the UK, offering the best of both worlds: improved player comfort and low maintenance courts. In response to this increase in popularity, we have developed a new version of our famous Match Liner.

We found that our original, best-selling Match Liner tennis line sweeper was perfect for natural clay courts, but the synthetic surface caused the brush bristles to wear out faster. Our new synthetic court line sweeper has stronger, thicker bristles, perfect for the demands of synthetic clay.

As with our original Match Liner line sweeper, our synthetic clay Match Liner is made of the highest quality materials, and retails for £125.

Please contact us through our email contact form or give us a call if you have questions or are interested in ordering this fantastic new tennis line sweeper.